How CRM Is Transforming Travel Consumer & Supplier Relationship

A travel company is positioned in the travel distribution flow, mostly in two segments, first for airline management and second in hotel distribution. Basically, a travel company/agency is one of the contact points for a traveler that helps them choose and organize a trip. This includes hotel & flight bookings, transfers, activities, sightseeing, excursions, etc.

Some unofficial facts & figures state that around 25 million tourists from India currently travel abroad countries. And the UN World Tourism Organization states that this number will rise up-to 50 million by the year 2020. This clearly implies that the number of Indians travelling will double in the next two years.

Indian travelers are just half the story, what Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) is saying that, the number of Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in India increased from 849,000 in February 2016 to 1.05 million in February 2018. That’s an increase of almost 25 percent in two years!

According to a 2018 impact report by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), India will add close to 10 million jobs in the tourism space by 2028.

All this spells & creates a wonderful situation for the tourism businesses in India. But it means nothing if travel agencies are not preparing itself to capitalize on this growth.

Why Travel CRM Software?

Travel companies have to increasingly cater to an audience that has high expectations on every aspect. It doesn’t matter if customers spend as low as 15,000 or as high as 15 lakhs. They need customization, the feeling of being treated as special, and services that work like clockwork without any hassle.

According to a Google India-BCG report the total Indian travel market is projected to reach $48 Bn by 2020 and a staggering more than 50% of total transactions are expected to come from OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies).

The above report and others like it definitely suggest that it’s a great time to be an online travel agency since greater growth implies that every player will get a bigger piece of the pie. While it is true that more people are opting to select an OTA for their travel plans, it is also evident that people are spoiled for choice owing to the growing number of travel options available online.

If they feel satisfied with a travel agency, they’ll turn into patrons. But if they experience inconvenience, they won’t just give the company a piece of their mind. They’ll also let all their friends and social media circles know about it.

To live up to (and exceed) customer expectations, travel agents are quickly moving to embrace digital tools. One of these tools is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It is high time that every travel agency is investing in travel CRM.

Travel CRM Benefits

Marketing Campaigns

If you are a travel agency who wants to provide the best travel experience by your service but you are struggling to understand the best marketing strategy to attract your customers, use CRM for travel agency is one of the best marketing strategies to get more customers.

  • Manage Website – daily offers, deals and packages : The CRM for travel agency helps you to have a complete customize option of the offers, deals and packages and retrieve it on your website with just a few clicks on your CRM.
  • Bulk Mailing: Our travel agency software provides email campaign/mass mailing option through which you can reach a larger group of targeted customers with inbuilt mailer template designs.
  • Landing Pages for FB or Google Campaign: With the help of travel CRM any one can create landing pages for their marketing campaign without any knowledge of coding, direct from the CRM using existing packages/itineraries available.

Utilize Overall Database

The helloGTX Travel CRM software helps you to manage the overall customer data and information in a single platform. It allows to track information regarding –

  • Customer Follow-up: Manage/Monitor Follow Ups on each query and get alert for unattended queries at right time.
  • Travel itinerary: Build High Quality Travel Itineraries & Packages in few clicks and share with SMS, WhatsApp and Email within 2 minutes from helloGTX travel agency CRM.
  • Pre-sales and post-sales interaction: helloGTX brings your teams in sync that helps your teams to spend more time with customers and less time on repetition of work.
  • Auto Reminders: Send auto reminders for follow-up, birthday, anniversary, passport expiry and more.

Customer Engagement & Satisfaction

In the high competitive industry customer satisfaction is one such aspect that is linked with several other benefits like – enhances brand image, retains existing customers, promotes customer loyalty, helps to acquire new customers and in turn increases profit and revenue of the company.

Thus, to achieve Customer satisfaction amongst your customer you need a bridge of communication. And that bridge is the helloGTX travel agency CRM software. It helps you to understand your customer’s expectations, needs and wants. It also ensures the right form of response from your side to the customers.

It helps you to manage complicated booking process and also ensures the visibility of payments, bookings and services history etc.

Online Invoices: Profits/Loss Calculation and Performance Monitoring

Targeted at companies in all sectors, Online-Invoices also offers advanced features to travel agencies. You can send invoices to tourists and partners via email and receive payment by credit card, payment gateways, or bank transfer.

You can analyze travel data to locate the most popular destinations, source of leads and sights and assign each sales person to accomplish specific tour services as well.

Our travel agency crm helloGTX is Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. SaaS is not just about to buy expensive enterprise and standalone software, but much more about using as much as you need to improve your business to the next level in the highly competitive industry.

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