When in Doubt Wear Hoops!

There are endless ways to wear hoops earrings. One of the most versatile ear accessories, hoops are a handy jewellery option when you’re not sure what will match your outfit. From small to colourful to oversized, hoops come in a variety of designs and are the easiest to style.


Here’s our take on the different hoops that you could choose from to complement your day wear or your evening cocktail dress.


The Girl Next Door Hoops


Simple, elegant, and classy, the mini hoops are a great pair for those of you who hate changing their earrings for every outfit. They go well with everything from your tees to your summer dresses and are perfect for everyday casuals. Just pick one with interesting textures, shapes or even colours if you want to experiment and go beyond the ordinary. Have multiple piercings? Stack them for a more glamorous finish.


The Timeless Medium Hoops


The medium hoops are sleek and are great for any occasion. Easy to style and perfect for even a professional setting, the timeless mid-sized hoops add a certain character to your workwear and can be worn for the occasional night-out with colleagues or friends. They’re classic and sophisticated and don’t draw too much attention but complement any outfit. Pick one that has some interesting patterns to add some personality to your outfit. Not very adventurous? Then go with the classic simple round hoops that can be matched with your shirts, blazers and even your breezy skirts.


The Striking Bohemian Hoops


From beads to coloured metals to plastic, the boho-inspired hoops are perfect for anyone who wants to make a striking appearance. They’re fun, flirty, and unconventional, making them the right choice for every rebellious girl with a non-conformist persona. If you’re not too sure about going overboard, then match your Multicolor Boho Earrings with outfits in neutral shades to create an interesting dimension to your overall look. For a full-blown gypsy vibe throw in some bracelets, a headwrap and you’re sure to be talked about.


The Bold Oversized Hoops


Modern, stylish, and bold, the oversized hoops are a classic hip-girl staple. Add a red pout to the mix and you’re sure to be on everyone’s mind. Although oversized hoops might not seem to be the choice for everyone, they make the loudest fashion statement and is just what you need to flaunt your edgy attitude. Wear your big hoops with your hair tied up in a messy bun or leave your strands loose to create a contrasting backdrop for a pair of bright coloured oversized hoops.


Beaded Hoop Earrings come in a variety of designs and materials and are a great accessory to have in your jewellery box. They can be matched with every occasion and make for a simple yet elegant option when you want to go with something that’s versatile and chic. But whether you’re looking to make a statement or want to look stylish in your workwear, hoops are a wardrobe staple that you cannot do without. Just choose the size that will work for you and experiment with patterns and shapes to create your own unique vibe.


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