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    White-colored kraft paper

    Typically used to make white colored kraft paper bags or some other colorful kraft paper bags when dyed, focusing on storing high-class and stylish products in clothing and beauty retailers, …

    Used to shop free of moisture food likenuts and bread, cereals

    Light brown kraft paper

    Dark brown kraft paper is used a lot more widely as a result of its pleasant colours and much less messy, including:

    Accustomed to produce all types of wrapping likeenvelopes and bags, covering paper, lining, …

    Great-quality, dense paper is commonly used to help make brand greeting cards, clothes labels.

    Some kinds are being used as envelopes, submit includes, and so forth.

    Reuse into all sorts of college paper, paper for cartons, …

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    Our company is the tackle specializing in the production and supply of higher-quality PP and paper products shipped in from your Japan, Russia and US Finland… with over a decade of expertise inside the general business. promoting Kraft paper items used to make concrete bags, couche, duplex, ivory paper.

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