• Sexual dysfunction is an age old problem that has recently been affecting many women. Though, menopause have been known to cause reduced sex drive and even the other way round. The fall in hormones, since a normal element of aging takes place, plays havoc have real profit orgasm. In guys, an over effective and functioning thyroid gland can…[Read more]

  • Female sexual disorder is something that affects women inside of varying degrees relying on their present lifestyle and health-related conditions. Vaginal dryness is among the most standard causes of this problem in women. Feminine dryness is caused by lack of estrogen and it has been discovered that the even more one gets deficient in…[Read more]

  • Female sexual excitement levels dysfunction (FSID) is not a new professional medical condition. In fact , FSD has been diagnosed many times inside of women over the course of history. However , there is certainly no official explanation for FSD while that term is just not yet used by simply the Diagnostic and even Statistical Manual of…[Read more]

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